Scrubs and a Calculator: Ryan & Kerali’s Wedding

April 9, 2012

Ryan & Kerali’s Wedding

Dave and I were able to go to Newport Beach, CA for Dave’s good friend Ryan’s wedding. Ryan and Kerali are such a great couple and we were thrilled we could join in the celebration on their big day. We could not be happier for them! They were married in the Newport Beach temple and had a reception that evening in Kerali’s parents’ backyard. It was a charming reception. The burlap and lace decorations were absolutely adorable. The food was delicious. There was even cheesecake- my favorite.


At the temple


Dave, Shawn, Ryan, John & Ryan

Pictures from the reception. The quality is pretty poor because they were taken with an iPhone without the flash. Oops.IMG_0417




Most of Dave’s best friends from college were in attendance which made the weekend even better. It was like old times for Dave hanging out with his buddies.  We spent Saturday afternoon at Fashion Island with his friends and their wives. We even made it to CPK and Pinkberry… the weekend just kept getting better. It might have gotten even better for Dave if we bought him the Tesla he tried out.


We attempted to go to the beach on Sunday, but it was pouring rain and freezing so the beach idea lasted just long enough to take this picture and then we ran back to the car. Thank goodness this bad weather didn’t come until Sunday. No one wants it to rain on their wedding day.  IMG_0436


Jessica said...

Looks like fun! I'm glad you guys could go. Did Dave actually drive the car, or just sit in it?

Christian & Joy said...

I love your pink dress in the first picture!