Scrubs and a Calculator: Easter

April 24, 2012


Easter weekend was pretty fun. We had 2 other couples over to dye Easter eggs and play games. I love dying Easter eggs! Here’s our masterpieces.


I also had what I initially thought was a great idea to make Dave and I Easter baskets that I saw on Pinterest. (I think I was really trying to avoid writing my talk for Easter Sunday church, which it definitely helped me put it off for a couple hours). We have no extra room in our apartment to store holiday decorations, Easter baskets, or things of that sort, so I wanted to have baskets that I didn’t feel bad throwing away. This was the first and last time I will ever be making our baskets. It took forever and the Easter basket was only about 4”X4” so it was more of an Easter basket for a diabetic or someone on a diet.  I only made one basket because it took so long. It turned out cute, but was definitely not worth the effort. I decided to take a picture of the basket before I threw it away so I could look back and laugh at my silly idea.


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